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An Introduction to Plant-Based Nutrition for Superyacht Chefs - 2-Day Course

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Course Overview

The aim of this course is to empower chefs with a clear understanding of plant-based nutrition, unveiling its myriad health benefits and eco-friendly advantages. Throughout the course, chefs will delve into the science behind plant-based eating, gaining insights into how it can promote overall health and well-being while also reducing our environmental footprint.

Equipped with the tools to address crew concerns, chefs will confidently navigate the transition to plant-based menus. They’ll know exactly where to find reliable resources for science-backed information, ensuring they’re always well-informed.

They will be able to plan delicious decadent and nutritious plant-based meals for crew and guests to support and enhance their active lifestyle at sea.

They will learn techniques for substituting meat and dairy products in recipes without compromising flavour or appeal, ensuring their signature dishes remain satisfying to all palates.

Course Location​

Antibes, France

Sustainability is the central focus throughout the course, with participants gaining insight into sustainable practices for their specific galley settings and returning to their yachts with actionable steps for tangible results.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Fee: Please Call +33 643 88 72 81 

Course Location: Antibes

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Course Content

Drawing on her professional experience in the food industry, in-depth knowledge of healthy nutrition, passion for good food, and understanding of what it takes to prepare exceptional food whilst at sea, Sarah coaches Superyacht Chefs in provisioning and preparing nutrient-rich, plant-based meals helping them adopt a holistic approach to nutrition, viewing it not only as a means to stave off hunger but as a strategic tool to enhance physical endurance and mental acuity when you need it most.