Yacht Crew Training

Ocean Wave Monaco, bespoke yacht crew training.

We’re different because we come to you!
Wherever you are in the world, we fit in with you and your schedule to enable the continued smooth running of your yacht. Available 7 days a week, saving you time and money, we train crew in familiar surroundings with their own on-board equipment.

" I realised how important it is for every yacht chef to do their ship's cook assessment as I almost lost an amazing job opportunity due to not having my certificate. Thankfully Oceanwave managed to fit me in very last minute but only because they had a cancellation BUT this left me very unprepared. They helped me through the whole process and pushed and guided me through when I was so nervous. I can highly recommend all you yacht chefs to book your ship's cook assessment at ocean wave ASAP so you don’t have to loose any amazing opportunities. Thank you so much Claire and Mark, I wouldn’t have wanted to do my assessment anywhere else but with you guys."

Sam Kelly

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