About Us

With a combined 50+ years in yachting, both on-deck and interior, our instructors are fully qualified and certified STCW Trainers.


Food Safety

We offer all levels of Food Safety Training, accredited by HABC and compliant with CISR, MCA and many other flag states. An ideal course for all levels and all departments.


Galley set-up and SOP's

A fully comprehensive and yacht specific manual in compliance with all aspects of Food Safety, Health and Safety and Standard Operating Procedures, meeting current legislation and flag state requirements.


Medical Training

In association with Marine Medical Antibes, we are able to offer
on-board crew CPR/AED/Choking training courses, as well as
the STCW95 as amended, Basic First Aid


New Build Services

We offer a detailed review of a new build specification and GA, which in our opinion, is crucial to the success of any yacht, post delivery. From equipment selection and galley layout to stores access and walk in fridges.


Water Safety Plans

MLC 2006 states that all yachts should maintain high-quality drinking water standards on-board ship which protect crew from waterborne health risks. Every vessel should have a Water Safety Plan in place.


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